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Welcome to MadeItLoveItPaleo, I’m Dawn.  I am on a journey to overall health and weight loss that I’m enjoying and wanted to begin sharing.   I’m not a professional chef or a recipe critic, I’m a regular girl who is trying to feed my family in a healthy, sustainable way. To see my recent blog posts, click here.

We eat using a Paleo template which means we primarily enjoy grass-fed and pastured meats, eggs, seafood, vegetables, fruits, nuts and healthy fats.   I wrote a series of posts about how we found Paleo.  Here is part one.

My husband, Chad, has his own reasons for eating “mostly” paleo.  Read more about that here.

By cleaning up our diet, we have been cooking more than we ever have before and I have loved learning different techniques and becoming familiar with flavor combinations.  I enjoy finding new recipes to try and also transforming our favorite recipes into healthier versions.  When I find a recipe that we enjoy, I post about it in our Made It & Loved It series.  Check out what we have shared so far.

To jump right into the resources we have found helpful, click here.  There are links to books, podcasts, other blogs, articles and products we use and love.

To contact me through email, I can be reached at madeitloveitpaleo@gmail.com.


    1. Hi Amy! I’m so happy to have you here! All of the recipes are under “Made It & Loved It” in the menu or you can just choose the “Made It & Loved It” category in the drop down on the sidebar (at the bottom on a mobile device) to see a feed of all of the recipes I’ve shared. Enjoy 🙂

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