Paleo Christmas Cookie Recipe Roundup

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Growing up, Christmas time in my family meant A LOT of cookies.  My stepdad is the master of cookies and people anxiously await his annual gift box of cookies.  The list of cookie recipients grows every year, so he bakes for multiple days and cookies cover all surfaces from the kitchen to the dining room.

I’m not much of a sweets person, but cookies get me every time.  I thought when I went grain-free, I would have to give up cookies, which also meant losing a wonderful Christmas tradition as well.  How wrong I was.

Not only are grain-free cookies easy to make, they are delicious!  Some are, dare I say, better than the original versions.  So, if you love making cookies for the holidays (or any time), pick up some basics for grain-free baking and get going!

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Here are a few of our favorite paleo cookie recipes:

Paleo Christmas Cookie Recipe Roundup | MadeItLoveItPaleo. If you're grain-free and in need of some wonderful recipes for holiday baking, check out this list!

Click the heading of each of these cookies to go straight to the recipe!

Real Deal Chocolate Chip Cookies from Against All Grain

These cookies are the real deal!  They are a family favorite and have that quintessential chocolate chip cookie flavor and texture.  Seriously, we love them so much I wrote a whole post about them – check it out here.

Shortbread Cookies from Against All Grain

I love shortbread cookies!  We used to get tins of shortbread cookies called Little Schoolboys and I’ve missed their simple, buttery taste.  This recipe uses palm shortening, but you can also use chilled grass-fed butter or ghee which I think would give these a more authentic, buttery taste.

Soft Chewy Double Chocolate Cookies from PaleOMG

This recipe is all about the chocolate.  If you’re a serious chocolate lover, this recipe is for you.  These cookies are nice and chewy, which is courtesy of the almond butter in this recipe.

Ginger Snaps from Food Faith Fitness

I featured these on Favorite Pins Friday a few weeks ago and they were, by far, my most clicked pin I’ve ever posted.  There is clearly a need for paleo ginger snaps!  These cookies get nice and crispy to have the texture you’re looking for in a crunchy ginger snap.

Sea Salt Nutella Thumbprint Cookies from Lexi’s Clean Kitchen 

This recipe takes a few more ingredients and takes longer than your average cookie recipe, but oh man are they worth it!  Because homemade NUTELLA!

Sugar Cookies from A Girl Worth Saving 

If you want to bake up some basic, Santa worthy sugar cookies, this is the recipe you need.  These cookies are incredibly simple to make and I doubt anyone who eats these will be able to tell that they’re grain-free.  We love using a variety of cookie cutters to make different shapes using this set. Everyone has their favorite shape (mine is the reindeer).  If you want to decorate these, check out the icing in the recipe below.

Coconut Vanilla Iced Cookies from Paleo Cupboard

These cookies from Paleo Cupboard are another version of the classic sugar cookie, with the addition of a delicious, simple icing recipe.  This icing is incredibly versatile and could be used in a variety of recipes.

Paleo Mexican Wedding Cookies from Predominantly Paleo

You may have a different name for these cookies like snowballs, butter balls or as we call them in our house Russian tea cookies, this re-creation is spot on.  When I think of Christmas cookies, this is the first one that comes to mind.  They have always been my favorite and I was thrilled to find a grain-free version.

Grain-Free Gingerbread Men (nut + egg free too!) from Predominantly Paleo 

I love making gingerbread men!  They are always the most fun to make and decorate and they are our sons favorite.  The flavor and texture of these cookies are perfect and yes, there are instructions how to make the icing to decorate them ♥.

Paleo Spritz Cookies from Predominantly Paleo

A third recipe from Predominantly Paleo?  Yep, because Jennifer knows what she’s doing.  After the Russian tea cookies, the next thing that comes to mind when I think about holiday baking are spritz cookies.  To get that classic spritz shape, we use this cookie press.  

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