Easy Breakfast Casserole from PaleOMG

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I’ve been thinking a lot about trying the Whole30 again.  It was about a year ago that I made my first attempt and I totally caved on Mother’s Day and ate all the things.  I did learn a lot from my experience and even in the short time we followed it, the program really made an impact on me.  You can read more about our first experience with the Whole30 here.

There are several things I will do differently this time to be better prepared, and something that will really help is to have meals ready in the freezer.  Having a few emergency dishes that we can pull out when we’re short on time or just need a break from the kitchen will be so helpful.

One dish that is already on my list is this Easy Breakfast Casserole from PaleOMG. The name really says it, this is so easy to make and with just a few ingredients we have enough for six quick meals, whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Rather than wrap up this entire casserole, we cut it in individual servings and put each in a freezer safe container.  Talk about convenient!

Easy Breakfast Casserole

This recipe is a perfect starting point, but I love getting creative and trying different variations.  I love it as is, but to avoid getting tired of making the same dish, we like to change things up.  For example, switch out some or all of the breakfast sausage for chorizo, use kale instead of spinach or add roasted red peppers to the mix.

Have you done a Whole30?  I would love to hear any tips you have in the comments!

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